Urban Dictionary Answers the Question: “What is ‘Foot Jerky’?”


While sitting in my grammar class talking about how language can change with time, our professor gave some examples of new words being used that will likely end up in a mainstream dictionary if they haven’t already. 

Words like “selfie”, “crunk” and “shawty” have been used in pop-culture for a while now and are showing up in mainstream texts.

This reminded me of a great place where words like this are born: The Urban Dictionary.

In my mind, I sort of consider it like a new word kiddie pool – the place where new words go to see if they have what it takes to catch on in modern society.

I wandered on over to Urban Dictionary and began to peruse the words that they had approved for entry.  I confess: I laughed more than once.

Then, I stumbled upon this entry:


Can I just say how much I am enjoying this fantastic site for new words?  Ordinary people are so creative!

What are some new words that you love?



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