Introverts and Editing

By: Shannon Hames

I gave birth to an introvert.  I knew she was different from the time she was a baby.  Her brother who came before her always enjoyed being rocked to sleep.  She just wanted to be put in her crib and left to fall asleep on her own.  When neighborhood kids came over to play, she would excitedly go out with them and join in the fun.  Then return 45 minutes later to retreat to her room to read a book.  When she was 14 and I offered to buy her Dippin’ Dots, her favorite ice cream, she was over the moon excited.  Until I told her to take the money to the counter and order it.  Then, she politely declined said treat to avoid talking to a stranger.  Ugh!

A few weeks ago, I read a book called “Quiet” by Susan Cain.  It was basically talking about how we have evolved into a culture that values extroverts over introverts and we think that there is something wrong with people who are quiet and shy.  She does a great job, however, of documenting how very productive introverts can be and that most of them become masterful in skills that they practice in solitude.  For many introverts, these skills include reading and writing.  For this reason, a large number of introverts end up with careers as editors and writers.  They can enjoy the silence, their eyes are keen to pick up errors and they can have wonderful imaginations.  It made me wonder how many editors and writers that read this blog are introverts?  Take my poll:


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